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Zellige Tiles Sydney

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At our Sydney showroom we display both the Authentic Moroccan Zellige tiles and also Spanish and Italian made Zellige look tiles. Perfect for that Modern Mediterranean Style home, farmhouse, rustic or coastal beach house style. They make a stunning bathroom feature wall tiles or kitchen splashback tile option. Traditional Zellige and Bejmat tiles are handmade tiles. These clay fired tiles exhibit variations in surface texture, size, flatness, tone, and glazing. We always explain to our clients the pros and cons of this material.

Amazing replicas of these zellige and bejmat tiles from Europe make a great alternative when looking for this style of product. These lines exhibit the texture and tonal variations of the zeliige tiles, but at with much easier installation, no sharp exposed egdes and cost. Below are images of a portion of both the real zellige and European zellige look lines on display at our Leichhardt showroom.

feature wall tiles Sydney
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Zellige wall tiles Sydney
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aqua wall tiles Australia
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